For individual visitors

The Maison du Souvenir houses more than 200 sq.m. of permanent exhibition space, delving into the little-known history of the Maillé massacre. It presents over 250 documents which go back over the background of the massacre, how it unfolded and what happened afterwards – both in criminal justice and remembrance terms.

Visitors coming to the Maison du Souvenir are encouraged to start by watching the film of testimonies, Maillé, le massacre oublié (Maillé, the forgotten massacre), in the auditorium, as this provides a worthwhile introduction to their visit. It can be shown with French, English or German subtitles.

There are also free audioguides available in French, English or German.

For a full visit (film of testimonies + exhibition), please allow about 75 minutes.

Full price for one adult: €6.40
Concession: €3.20 (students, teachers and children over 12)
Free: Under 12s
Supplement to watch the film of testimonies: €1.90

Organizing a group visit

Adult groups can be welcomed under special arrangements with an organized guided tour (by appointment).

Groups are guided by our team throughout this visit. After watching the film Maillé, le massacre oublié (Maillé, the forgotten massacre), a team member will be available to answer any questions and give an update on the latest research. The tour will then start with a description of what happened on August 25, based on the latest discoveries. Then, in the exhibition rooms, the group will be pointed towards the most relevant documents for a more in-depth insight into this period in general as well as the Maillé massacre and its consequences. For all those wishing to find out (more) about this tragedy, this tour is strongly recommended.

Average duration: two hours
Full price for one adult on a group visit: €5.40
Concession: €5.10 (students, teachers, children over 12)
Free: Under 12s
Supplement to watch the film of testimonies: €6.40 per group
Supplement for a guided tour: €23.00 per group

Check our rates

The Maison du Souvenir team is available to help with any specific requests.

Seminars and other events

The Maison du Souvenir can accommodate your seminars, press presentations or any other professional event.

We have two fully equipped and fitted-out rooms on our premises:

  • An educational room (68 sq.m.)
  • An auditorium (62 sq.m.)

Both of these rooms are equipped with tables, chairs, a projector, microphones, sound equipment and a Wi-Fi connection for your professional events. They can each accommodate up to 50 people. Access to outdoor areas is also possible.

Breakfast (coffee, tea, orange juice and pastries) as well as lunches and snack breaks can also be served by request.

The Maison du Souvenir can take care of the whole management side of the event (booking meals and so on): just ask!

More information

To find out more or ask for a quote, please feel free to send us an email or call us.

Additional information:

  • Maillé is located 40 km south of Tours and 30 km north of Châtellerault.
  • We can be reached via the A10 highway.
  • And by the RD 910 road.
  • If travelling by train, take the Tours-Poitiers TER (regional express train) and get off at Maillé.