Other visits

The Maison du Souvenir is regularly contacted about the possibility of organizing visits which, instead of providing a broad understanding of the history of Maillé, are aimed more at exploring a specific theme in-depth.

These visits can focus, for example, on the repressive policy during the Occupation, on remembrance of the Maillé massacre or the criminal investigative side of this war crime.

Other themes are also possible: please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss any ideas with us.

University seminars

In addition, for several years now the Maison du Souvenir has been hosting university seminars presenting the center’s scientific, educational and administrative management. Usually designed for students on Bachelor or Master’s degrees, often intending to work in the heritage professions, these visits are an opportunity to talk with them and give them an insight into the reality and specific features of managing a remembrance site.